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A social platform for tracking media consumption, exploring new content, and engaging in challenges with friends.





Interaction design
Solo student project
5 Weeks



The current system for accessing the building requires residents to use two separate applications, resulting in inconvenience and inefficiency. Although the existing application enables users to unlock the main entrance, it fails to grant access to other doors in the building. This limitation creates frustration and confusion for residents who must toggle between two apps to enter the building. 

Project Goals

  • Create a key pass system for guests, friends, and service workers to unlock and lock doors

  • Enable users to unlock doors using the Apple Pay card feature

  • Provide a secure and convenient solution for building access control

  • Reduce the need for physical keys and improve efficiency

Problem Statement 

Is there a way to provide a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly access control solution that enables residents to grant temporary access to guests and service workers and provides a seamless solution for unlocking all doors in the building?


A new access control solution that combines a key pass system and enables users to unlock doors using Apple Pay card feature. This system will simplify the process of granting temporary access to guests and service workers while providing a seamless and secure solution for unlocking all doors in the building. 

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Survey Insights


Media Tracking

Individuals are using multiple applications to track their progress and find new things to consume


Category Discovery

Most individuals are seeking out recommendations for new content and are discovering them through word of mouth, friends and family, apps, and social media



People are interested in exploring challenges to encourage more reading and listening 


The target audience will likely be individuals who want to track their progress in a centralized platform. The application is suitable for users of all ages, but the primary users are expected to be tech-savvy individuals aged between 18-35.


Site Map

I explored a few user flow prototypes, including creating a guest pass, unlocking and locking doors, and adding the fob as a card on Apple Wallet. The site map is intended to communicate the versatility and usefulness of the application.  

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Desgn Conept

Design Concept

Style Guide

Icons and design guidelines for the final design were then developed for this project. This includes color palettes and typography. The ButterflyMX logo inspired the color palette.

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Final Design

Final Design


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Adding a Guest Pass

Residents create guest keys for friends, family, or services and choose which doors toaccess and for how long. Clicking "create key" sends the pass automatically to the guest.

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Add Key to Apple Wallet

By adding the digital key to Apple Wallet, users can quickly access all doors in the building by double-clicking the iPhone's power button near the door sensor. 


Lock, Unlock, and Expand Key

As the door unlocks, the card fill empties, indicating access. Doors usually lock again after 5 seconds. Users can also tap on a card's name to reveal more details. 

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During this design experience, I learned the importance of user research and how it can uncover pain points and concerns that I may not have initially considered. Through conducting a survey with residents, I discovered additional insights, such as the safety liability of creating guest passes. This highlighted the need for a more robust and secure guest access system. Additionally, I recognized the importance of user testing in validating the effectiveness and ease of use of the application. Given more time, I would have liked to conduct user testing of the high-fidelity design to gather feedback on the application's aesthetics and ease of use. I also would've liked to explore more options for integrating the application with other smart home devices or technologies that could further enhance the user experience. I also would've liked to explore more options for integrating the application with other smart home devices or technologies that could further enhance the user experience.

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