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La Rue

A social platform for tracking media consumption, exploring new content, and engaging in challenges with friends.





Interaction design
Solo student project
5 Weeks



La Rue, a delightful Parisian-style coffee and creperie in Seattle's Capitol Hill, has won over locals with their irresistible sweet and savory crepes and artisanal beverages. While they initially relied on social media and word of mouth, owners Alex Villa and Danae Alexander now aim to create an online presence. They envision a website showcasing their menu, store hours, and updates to keep customers informed.

Project Goals

  • Create an informational website for La Rue

  • Display the menu for customers to view

  • Allow the shop to post announcements such as pop-ups

  • Provide store hours for easy access


Problem Statement 

How can La Rue establish a stronger online presence and give customers real-time access to their menu, availability, announcements, and store hours?


Create an online presence and enhance customer experience. Their website will showcase an up-to-date menu, real-time availability, announcements, and clear store hours.

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Interview With Owners

I conducted surveys and interviews with owners and customers to gather input for the website. Owners desire a platform to showcase the menu, store hours, and item availability, while customers emphasized the need for easily accessible, up-to-date information online.


Customer demographic  and behavior

  • La Rue appeals to locals, residents, tourists, and crepe lovers as its customer base

  • Customers prefer in-person visits to browse the menu rather than pre-ordering online or by phone


Marketing and promotion

  • Unique Health Goth crepes and colorful beverages differentiate La Rue from competitors

  • Limited resources and a small setup pose challenges for La Rue, potentially leading to longer wait times during peak periods


Website development 

  • La Rue owners acknowledge the website's value for older customers

  • They envision a straightforward site with menu, location, and product pictures


Customers emphasized the importance of up-to-date information being readily available online.

Are the store hours clearly communicated? 

How are customers discovering La Rue?

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Affinity Diagram

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This persona seeks quick access to information about La Rue, valuing convenience while being constantly on the go.

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Design Concept

Design Concept

Style Guide

Guidelines were created to achieve a consistent design based on the La Rue logo's color scheme and the owners' font preferences. Incorporating these elements into the website will represent the brand and maintain a unified visual identity across platforms.

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Final Design

Final Design


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Home Page

Serves as an introduction to the coffee and creperie shop and its owners. From there, the user can preview the menu and check out any current announcements or customer reviews. The footer includes important information such as the shop's location.


Menu Page

The menu can be found in the navigation bar or on the home page. It is divided into three tabs: coffee beverages, non-coffee beverages, and crepes. Each tab contains three sections: classic, signature, and seasonal. The page also includes add-ons for drinks and crepes at the bottom.

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As my first time designing a website, I was fortunate to receive helpful guidance from La Rue's owners on their desired website features and design style. Despite the project's tight deadline of just five weeks, I was able to produce a satisfying end result given my limited experience. This project was a monumental learning experience that taught me about the website design process, collaboration, and working with small businesses. Overall, I'm proud of the amount of work I was able to complete and the knowledge I gained from the project.

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