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Project Brief


A social platform for tracking media consumption, exploring new content, and engaging in challenges with friends.





Interaction design
Solo student project
10 Weeks



With the increasing amount of content available, people struggle to track their media consumption, find new content, and lack the motivation to consume media regularly, leading to isolation and frustration.

Project Goals

  • Create new group challenges

  • Viewing existing groups and discussion board

  • Provide a social feed for engaging with friends

  • Personalize content recommendations based on user preferences

  • Allow adding new content to the library


Problem Statement 

Is there a digital solution that helps people keep track of their media consumption, find new content recommendations, and stay motivated to read or listen regularly while facilitating a sense of community among media consumers?


An application for users to track their progress in consuming media, provide a social platform to share their progress, motivate them to consume media regularly, and discover new content through recommendations and challenges. 

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The process included a competitive audit, user survey, and card-sorting exercise. It helped identify market gaps, informed the development of app features, and revealed users' preferences for content organization and navigation, shaping the app's design.

Survey Insights


Media Tracking

Individuals are using multiple applications to track their progress and find new things to consume


Category Discovery

Most individuals are seeking out recommendations for new content and are discovering them through word of mouth, friends and family, apps, and social media



People are interested in exploring challenges to encourage more reading and listening 


The target audience will likely be individuals who want to track their progress in a centralized platform. The application is suitable for users of all ages, but the primary users are expected to be tech-savvy individuals aged between 18-35.

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Site Map

During this process, several prototypes were explored, including creating a new group challenge, accessing the discussion board, and adding content to the user's library.

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User Testing

Prototype and Testing


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User Testing Insights


Testing Methodology

Maze heat map analysis evaluated the usability and user interaction with the design.


User Experience 

Users got lost and struggled with the task of "adding a new member to the group Page Turners." 


Low-Fidelity Prototype Design

Prototypes lacked clarity in the area of adding new members to the group Page Turners.

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Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 6.21.41 AM.png
Design Concept

Design Concept

Style Guide

The app's color scheme will have an earthy and natural aesthetic with a calming beige base color, complemented by dark green and amber-orange touches to add depth, nature, and energy.

Final Design

Final Design


Group 264.png


Creating a New Group Challenge

Throughout the challenge, users can track their progress and see how they are doing compared to their friends. Adding a competitive element to the challenge allows users to stay motivated and accountable while the app provides helpful tracking tools to ensure a successful challenge experience.



View Group Discussion Board

The discussion board is where members can leave comments, share their thoughts, takeaways, or anything else they want to discuss related to the challenge. To further organize the conversation, users can tap on a comment to open a thread that further expands the discussion.


Adding an Episode to Library

The user can scroll through the explore page and find a podcast they are subscribed to with a new episode and add it to their "Want to Listen" library, allowing them to easily access the episode later on without having to search for it again. 

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To summarize, the user testing and feedback collected during the development of this media consumption app have provided valuable insights into user behavior and preferences. Moving forward, further user testing with a larger audience would enable me to refine the app's features to better meet users' needs. I would've also liked to have created a profile page displaying user stats, library, and other personalized information highlighting the importance of creating a sense of community and personalization in the app. With this information, the app can be further refined to provide a seamless and enjoyable media consumption experience for users, encouraging them to read, listen, and share content with others. Ultimately, the goal is to create an app that tracks and recommends media and fosters a sense of belonging and motivation for users to engage with content.

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