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Project Brief


An app design to simplify visit information access and coordination for travel nurses, enhancing efficiency in managing clinical studies.





Interaction design
Solo student project
10 Weeks



Mobile research services enhance drug development and study accessibility, addressing challenges in traditional studies that burden patients and hinder data quality. Travel nurses facilitate convenient and flexible research delivery, but efficient study management, coordination, and secure communication are crucial for successful mobile research operations.

Project Goals

  • Keeping track of visit information (timing, location, requirements)

  • Submitting visit confirmations and timecards on time

  • Coordinating with study coordinators or project managers

  • Managing travel duration and mileage

  • Staying up-to-date with study requirements


Problem Statement 

How might we streamline the management of mobile research services and facilitate efficient coordination of visits for nurses and coordinators through a user-friendly and intuitive application?


The proposed application aims to improve research and patient outcomes by enhancing travel nurses' efficiency and ease of use. The application will enable nurses to focus more on patient care by streamlining communication and study coordination, ultimately resulting in improved outcomes for both the research and the patients.

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The process included interviewing a travel nurse and conducting a competitive audit of existing applications designed for travel nurses.

Survey Insights


Information Scattering

Frustration with the scattered nature of information management, including the need to juggle visit details across different tools like note apps, printed sheets, and physical notebooks.


Reliance on Manual Reminders

Emphasized the need for reminders that are not reliant on reaching out to mangers or coordinators.


Comprehensive Visit Information

The desire for a single portal to track all relevant visit information. There is a need for a centralized platform that provides visit details, study-specific instructions, and any additional support.


The primary target audience for this application is travel nurses who require a centralized platform to track their visit schedules and information. While the app is designed to suit nurses of all ages, the average demographic for nurses, predominantly women in their forties, is expected to be the primary user group.


Site Map

Several prototypes were explored during this process, including submitting a visit confirmation form, timecard and viewing calendar, profile, and study information.

travelrn site map.png
User Testing

Prototype and Testing



User Testing Insights


Testing Methodology

Maze heat map analysis evaluated the usability and user interaction with the design.



The nurse achieved a 100% score in the testing, indicating that the design was intuitive and easy to navigate. 


Design Iterations

Room for Improvement: Identified need for further improvements in design and aesthetics.​

Group 382.png
Design Concept

Design Concept

Style Guide

The application targets adults in their mid to late 40s, aiming for accessibility, visibility, legibility, and visual refreshment.

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Final Design

Final Design


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Submitting a Visit Confirmation Form

Travel nurses submit forms to confirm scheduled visits and provide location details. They can leave comments and request supplies. Completed tasks can be rescheduled or canceled if needed.

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Submitting a Clinician Activity Form

The form acts as a timesheet crucial for payroll processing, where nurses record their commute stops for each visit. The application automatically calculates the travel time and distance based on the entered locations. Once completed, the project team reviews the forms, and any necessary adjustments are escalated to the team for further action.


View Calendar, Studies, and Profile

Nurses can easily manage upcoming visits, access study information, and view visit metrics with a personalized profile dashboard.

Recording 2023-06-29 at 03.40.18.gif
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The success of the end result of the application, as validated by positive user testing feedback and high usability scores, highlights its effectiveness in addressing the challenges faced by travel nurses and streamlining their workflow. It is important to note that the user testing and interviews were conducted with a limited sample size, consisting of only one travel nurse. In the future, I would aim to expand my research and testing efforts to include a larger population of travel nurses to gather more diverse perspectives and ensure the solution's applicability across different contexts. This would provide valuable insights and allow for further refinement and optimization of the application based on a broader range of user experiences.

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